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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Specific Objectives

• Improve quality of the section and surface
• Improve the finite element model for roll form simulation: An advanced numerical model for roll forming process simulation.
• Improve the energy consumption in roll form process
• Improve the endurance of roll forming tools
• Improve the time from design to the final profile

Process Monitoring: A fully integrated expert system for the optimisation of the roll forming production problems. A system, thought to check the quality of the formed parts but able to fulfil other functions: the detection of deviations in material mechanical properties and dimensions, the detection of defects derived from the pre-operations, like bad cutting quality and burrs, the identification of bad set up of stands and clearance changes, the detection of the tooling damage or severe wear as well as machine and tool protection. In this sense, the project is expected to carry out two major functions: to develop this control system, and to facilitate the use of this system in the industry.